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"Once we had a home of our own, things were different.
We were finally able to set down roots."

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Family Impact

Before settling into their home, a typical Habitat family moves every 1-2 years. Moving is hard. Kids have to adjust to a new school and make new friends. Parents wonder how long they can stay before the apartment affects their health or the landlord raises rent. Worries like this make it difficult to think about anything else.

A safe and affordable home puts an end to these worries. A stable home allows its residents to focus on the future. Health and family relationships improve. Employment stabilizes. Families save money, invest in their neighborhood, strengthen local schools and broaden the city’s tax base.


Neighborhood Impact

We’re working on multiple homes on the same street to create a more significant neighborhood impact. When neighbors see new homes constructed or older homes renovated, they’re reinvigorated by the neighborhood’s new life. This becomes evident when we see a neighbor repairing his front door, which leads to his neighbor painting his house and another neighbor landscaping her yard. The entire neighborhood prospers.


Community Impact

The benefits of neighborhood revitalization spread throughout our community. By bringing homeowners into a neighborhood, vacant housing decreases and property values increase.

As a result, the city receives more taxes that will help improve local schools and transit. This is the beginning of neighbors working together to create a better community for themselves and future generations.

Habitat works with many organizations to plan, advocate and share resources for the purpose of creating and protecting healthy and interactive neighborhoods. We’ve been working with the City of Grand Rapids to identify areas where Habitat’s revitalization efforts are needed most. That’s why we’ve begun targeting neighborhoods on the West Side of Grand Rapids.ksA campaign to restore West Michigan neighborhoods


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