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The journey to Habitat homeownership takes encouragement and endurance, which ultimately leads to growth and stability. For Floridalma, her first encouragement came from her brother, who is a Habitat homeowner in Guatemala.

“He said that Habitat can help people obtain a home and that our [living conditions] will change if we pursue it,” Floridalma said.

Floridalma, Alex, and their three children have been renting the upper level of a cramped house that provides little relief from the elements during the cold winters and muggy summers. The children have little space to play. Their desire to apply to Habitat Kent’s homeownership program came out of a vision for a brighter future for their children.

“The lives of people are changed after they have their Habitat house and that is about to happen to us,” Floridalma said.

Once they were accepted into the program, Habitat Kent provided them with encouragement to earn sweat equity hours, take educational courses, and help build their new home—all while balancing family and jobs. Alex worked many hours on the build sites and especially enjoyed learning construction skills from site supervisor Bill.

Because of their hard work and commitment their children, Maria (1), Richard (6), and Renifer (10), will have their own rooms, a healthy home, and most importantly—a safe space to play outside.

The family is planning on getting a blow-up pool for children to play in the backyard during the summer. Come fall, Maria, and Richard will be returning to Harrison Park Elementary, now only a few blocks from their new home. Harrison Park is part of the Challenge Scholars program, which offers a pathway for families to cover the costs of technical or collegiate education after high school.

“It is going to help us [build] something secure for the children’s future,” Floridalma said.

Even if you’ve never met Floridalma or Alex, you are a part of their motivation and encouragement. You are part of their brighter future. When asked what stood out about their Habitat experience, Floridalma said, “everyone in this program is united.”

Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and treasure to help Floridalma and Alex build a strong family and a future filled with hope.