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“The house needed a lot of work and love, but I had
faith in Habitat and what this house would become.”

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New Construction & Rehab

In 30 years, we’ve constructed nearly 300 new homes; since 2007, all have been LEED-certified to help families reduce energy costs by as much as $30,000 over the life of their mortgage.

In response to the foreclosure crisis, we also began rehabilitating vacant houses in Grand Rapids. Since 2010, we’ve rejuvenated struggling neighborhoods by rehabbing more than 50 homes for families.

Building Green

As the largest nonprofit homebuilder in the nation, we care about being resourceful. But this goes beyond ourselves: we’re thinking about each family moving into a Habitat home. Through wise green building practices, we keep construction costs low and homes affordable for families once they move in. Here are just a few of the ways green building helps:

  • Homeowners save money
    • Our advanced framing technique allows for more insulation—in fact, we exceed the insulation building code.
    • We airseal the home by caulking every place 2 pieces of wood touch to minimize air loss.
    • Each home is Energy-Star certified to reduce utility costs, making homebuyers eligible for down payment assistance.
  • Health improves
    • We install an Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit that recycles the home with fresh air, improving many cases of asthma and allergies.
    • We use low VOC drywall adhesive to minimize fumes.
  • Our community works together
    • Our cabinetry is assembled by members workers in Michigan’s prison-employment program.
    • Master Gardeners work with homebuyers to design landscape plans using native plants.
  • Resources are conserved
    • We divert 90% of waste materials from landfills to protect Earth’s natural resources.
    • We sort and recycle all wood, cardboard and concrete materials to reduce waste and minimize sorting costs.
    • We install recycled carpeting.

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